Automated Control Systems

Take advantage of the technology that makes your home life experience more relaxing and less complicated. An automated control system helps you manage your house from the lights, heating/cooling system, whole-house music, security, lawn sprinklers and more. Each system is designed and programmed for the specific needs of your family.

These automated controls will help you save time and energy. With the touch of a button, all the doors can be secured, the lights turned off, shades drawn, music and televisions turned off. You can leave for the night without worrying if the back door was locked or if the shades in the rooms upstairs are down. You can also program your system to have certain things happen during the day like turning lights on or off, opening shades or adjusting the temperature just before you arrive home. Additionally, automated controls can offer you the comfort of knowing you can monitor the house while you are away on vacation. Wondering if the air conditioning was set correctly, you can check it on the internet and reset if you need to.

Automated control systems are especially advantageous if you are going to have more than two systems installed – perhaps lighting and whole-house music systems. These options can be housed in one control making it easy to access and program.

ETC specializes in systems integration. Our engineers will take the time to review all of the options available to you and design the best system for your home.

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