Motorized Solar Shades Are Rising In Popularity

As homes become more connected and the ability to control your lighting, climate control and security from your phone or tablet is becoming more prevalent, motorized shades have become more than an add on to the home decor; they are becoming a standard feature.


And there is good reason for this rise in popularity as there are many benefits to the homeowner.  Motorized solar shades not only block damaging UV rays from flooring and furniture, they help keep your home cool in the hot summer months.  With a big selection of fabric choices, it is helpful to remember, the tighter the fabric weave, the more privacy and sunblock you will get.  And the shades can stand alone or have additional window treatments added on, including draperies and valances.


Motorized blinds can operate several ways: hardwired, plug in, via radio frequency and battery operated. All can be controlled with the touch of a button on an iPhone, handheld remote or wall switch — with just a click, the window coverings magically open and close.  Shades can also be programmed on a timer so they are set to your preferences — have the shades open at a set time in the morning and close automatically at night.  And you can also set up your regular window routine while you’re away on vacation to increase your home security.


The convenience of motorized shades is especially useful in large homes with large window scenes or very tall windows.  For instance multiple shades can be separately programed on one picture window, to work together or individually. We all know no matter how much you tug, it’s not easy to get the shades into the exact position you want. By motorizing them, they can move in one fluid movement to the right spot. Now, every shade can move in perfect alignment.


Motorized solar shades have evolved over the past few years and are usually mounted into the ceiling so they are completely out of site when rolled up.  And the latest models have ultra-quiet motors making them appear and disappear without a sound.  If you are interested in finding out your options for motorized shades and window treatments, we are happy to help.  Give us a call at 561-881-8118.

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