Data Networks

With the new millennium came a change in the way consumer electronic devices talked with one another. Since 2000 the rate of growth in "connected" devices has been exponential. While most users of technology certainly understand the Internet and e-mail these days, most are just beginning to realize just how critical a network connection is to their everyday lives!

These days, virtually every electronic device you buy has an option or requirement to connect to the Internet. ETC often recommends that you plan for network connectivity throughout your home - both wired (for highest security and performance) and wireless (for highest convenience). To assure the highest dependability, we usually recommend that you obtain Internet connectivity from both your phone company and your cable provider. Our specially engineered networks for your home will automatically switch to your backup Internet provider should your primary provider’s service be interrupted. ETC has a team of experts to educate you on what’s available and how to prepare you for what’s next.