Automated Controls Bedroom Theater Home Theater Phone Systems Surveillance Cameras Automated Controls Touch Sensor Controls Lighting Controls

Control Systems

The "Brain", complete control of everything

Bedroom Theater

T.V. Lifts & Hidden Systems

Home Theaters

Ultimate home theater rooms, custom built

Phone Systems

Multiple-lines, Intercom, Video Conferencing

Surveillance Cameras

Protect your assets with a professional surveillance system

Automated Controls

Single press automated control systems

Touch Sensor Controls

Bio-metric access, fingerprint identification systems

Lighting Control Sytems

Pre-determined lighting solutions and scenarios

Home Theater

Add the WOW factor to your home entertainment experience by taking advantage of the latest technology in home theater systems.

  • Room Construction
  • Acoustic Wall Treatments
  • Seating Type & Configuration

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Lighting Control

The integration of lighting with other electronics is vital if you want the maximum benefit from the technology in your home.

  • "Away" buttons
  • Pre-selected Lighting
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting Controls

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Music & Video

Music and video distribution systems can be one of the most enjoyable amenities in your home.

  • Touch Systems
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • DVD Management Systems

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Extraordinary Service

Service is a top priority from the beginning of a project until years after the installation is complete.

  • 24 Hour Service Guarantee
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Over 2,000 Satisfied Customers

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