Music and Video

Music and video distribution systems can be one of the most enjoyable amenities in your home. You can experience music indoors and out to set the mood for a party or just relaxing by the pool. Your television and video collection can be accessed anywhere in the home through one system.

A distributed music system gives you the ability to play music through the entire house with multiple speakers using only one centralized system. With the touch of one button you can choose to listen to your favorite CDs, satellite radio programs or your Ipod. You can design your music system to play through the entire house or in separate areas. You can be preparing dinner in the kitchen while listening to Sinatra while at the same time, the kids in the pool area can tune in to Radio Disney. Each of these areas can be set so the volume can be adjusted locally or through one central keypad.

It is important to ensure that the whole-house music system you choose has the ability to distribute video as well. This technology provides the convenience of having a movie from the Blu-Ray player or a program from the satellite receiver play on every television in the house, or just the one you select. This type of system gives you the flexibility to stop a movie that you started in the family room and pick it up in the bedroom. The best part of video distribution is eliminating the need for multiple components in each room where you have a television.

The music and video system can be integrated into your home automation system giving you more control to pre-select certain settings to come on automatically.

  • Touch the "music" button and a diagram of the house will appear on the screen. Touch the desired area to activate the sound. No changing out CDs.
  • A movie and music management system can be installed to give you instant access to your entire entertainment collection by artist, title or genre.
  • Hide the flat screen TV behind a framed picture when it is not in use. Touch the "movie" button and the painting disappears and the screen is exposed. Additionally, your preferred lighting and sound can be pre-set for the "movie" setting.

Music and video options are numerous, from the system design to the equipment selection. ETC engineers are trained with the latest technology to help you make the most of your entertainment systems.