Structured Wiring

What is structured wiring?
Structured wiring is a method of providing the low voltage aspects of a home into a well-organized, complete, and easy to understand solution for present and future. Instead of guessing which room will need what kind of wire, a complete bundle of all possible low voltage cabling is run to every significant room. This bundle consists of 2 Category 6 cables and 2 or 3 RG-6 quad shield cables. While other configurations are possible, this is the standard. The 2 RG-6 cables allow for more than 1 video source, such as cable and satellite. A third can be used for "upstream" source, such as a monitor camera. The 2 Cat 6 cables allow for telecommunications and high speed (broadband) data and networking.
Organizing the wiring.
Because of the quantity of wire in a structured wiring project, the potential for a disorganized mess is huge. It is important to keep the cable runs organized and labeled. All cables terminate at a "head end," which is where the structured wiring "can" is located. All wiring enters this box, and it is here that all connections will be made. The data Cat 6 cables are usually separated from the rest of the cabling, and place in their own "rack"  with networking equipment. The video cabling is properly terminated and connected to its source. For instance, cable coming in from the street is connected to a cable amplifier inside the structured wiring box, and all outgoing RG6 cables are connected to the amplifier in a neat manner. Each one is labeled to identify where it goes. Similarly, satellite cables are connected here, and phone cables are connected to the phone blocks inside the cabinet.
Other "structured wiring".
There are other low voltage applications which are often "pre-wired" in new construction, but don’t go back to the "head end" mentioned above. For instance, whole-house audio for music throughout a home. For this application each room is wired with speaker wire for at least one pair of speakers (usually 14/4 or 16/4 wire is used for this). In addition, speaker wire is run to a location where a volume control could be placed; and, also run to the same place are 2 Cat 6 cables. This will allow the future placement of either a volume control (speaker wire), or a keypad/touchpad (cat6). The keypad/touchpad application allows the homeowner to visualize and choose from multiple sources of music, and can even choose artist, genre, etc. All of these wires are run back to a different "head end," one where the audio and video equipment is located.
The satisfied homeowner.
This is the result of a well-planned and well-performed structured wiring project. It will make the homeowner’s life less complicated and his home easy and fun to live in.