World Class Systems Design

Design Solutions

ETC’s exclusive focus on high-end homes and estates allows us unique insight on current technology trends. Our experienced design consultants are masters at creating technology solutions that preserve a home’s architectural beauty and enhance lifestyles.

System Engineering

ETC fully engineers, documents, assembles, programs and tests systems in-house prior to delivery and installation. This approach expedites the installation process and reduces the number and magnitude of issues encountered on-site.

Project Management

Like quality architectural, engineering and construction firms, ETC assigns a project manager to each project, who is the primary interface to all parties involved in the job. The project managers plan and coordinate logistics and manage our on-site technical and engineering personnel.


Even premium quality equipment has little value to homeowners who have difficulty using their systems. For this reason, ETC employs a team of programmers and a user-interface specialist who works closely with the system designers and engineers and interface directly with the client. This bridge ensures that programming is consistent with design intent from the outset, and that the result satisfies the client’s expectations.

Ongoing Support

When ETC accepts a new project, we enter into a long-term client relationship that typically lasts many years and spans multiple projects. Our extended maintenance programs provide ongoing and preventive maintenance, system upgrades and consultation on new innovations. These combined services ensure not only that your systems continue to function reliably, but also that you enjoy the benefits of new technological advances. Think of us as your personal technology advisors.

Communication - Keep in Touch

Whether you are calling your daughter in her bedroom or your brother across the country, checking your voicemail, sending an email, printing across the network or surfing the net, ETC provides the infrastructure to support your voice and data communication needs at home. Customized patch panels are configured for ultimate flexibility and expandability.

Interview & Consultation

This initiates our relationship with the client and allows us to collect information needed to begin the general systems design phase. During this phase we get to know your individual lifestyle, goals, expectations and budget requirements. We rarely "talk equipment" at this stage.

Within a week following an initial meeting, we will prepare an "Agreement for Consulting Services" that establishes the systems design and engineering scope. We will also produce budget ranges for the various systems we discussed. This agreement will be forwarded to you for signature acceptance. The "Consulting fee" will be credited towards any systems you choose to purchase from ETC.

Detail Design Phase

We understand that designing a custom electronic system should not only fit your lifestyle needs, but also the function and décor of your home. It is important that we utilize a team approach with all other professionals involved in the building of your home. This "Design Team" normally consists of the Architect, Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor (HVAC), and Electrician.This will ensure that the systems we are designing will match and "integrate" with the other important features of your home.

We will review alternative systems and budgets with you during this process so that you are constantly aware and in control of the designs we are creating for you.

Detailed design proposals and specifications will be submitted to you at the end of this phase. We will also submit CAD drawings and other documents that are required in order to solicit bids from any Contractor(s) (i.e. Electrical, Low Voltage, Security, HVAC, Lighting, Interior Designers, and General Contractors). The drawings and documents will include required equipment and materials, enclosure locations, schedules for the lighting control system, conduit requirements and specific construction criteria as may be appropriate, all of which are reviewed and approved by you.

If you choose to hire ETC to install electronic systems in your home, we then move on to the Construction phase.

Construction Phase

At the inception of the Construction phase, we will work with the electrician and builder to clearly define our individual scopes of work and schedules. It is imperative that we coordinate well with each party so that there is no overlap, and a smooth and integrated process is accomplished by almost constant communication between all contractors. We also formulate a detailed device pre-wire schedule, control panel layout drawings, and a programming source-code.


We will begin our wiring when the electrician is approximately 50% complete. Our goal is to maintain a specified distance away from any high voltage wiring, which if run too close, can cause communication problems in the future. ETC will complete the wiring within one to three weeks after the electrician has completed theirs. Time is dependent on the scope of work.

We will fully document our wiring with device pre-wire schedules, and wiring labels.


During the trim-out phase, we install all equipment that must be installed for the "final" building inspection. It is at this time that we have ordered and received your equipment into our warehouse/set-up facility for initial system assembly and programming. Any as-built documentation revisions are completed, and owner’s manuals are assembled.

Installation Hook-up and Evaluation

Equipment will be installed into the cabinets, shelving, or rack systems. It will require a week or two to evaluate the connections and performance of the systems that we have installed. It is important to note that if an electronic component fails, it will typically occur during the first 30 days of use. We recommend not to install our equipment until all the painting and finishing work is completed and the house is ready to be occupied. This is due primarily to the dust and it’s devastating effect on electronics.

Training & Programming

We suggest that you spend some quality time with our technical staff to develop an understanding of how the systems operate. We do our best to design the systems so that you should not require an instruction manual to operate them. Too often people want to know "all" the things a system "can do" and get inundated with too much information. We suggest that you use the features that make life easy for you, and gradually learn what the systems can and will do for you. We are available after the installation is complete, and will be happy to assist you with any programming changes. Typically programming changes or training are at no charge to you for the first 90 days. This depends on the agreement we have with you.

On-going Service

Our contracts typically provide a one-year full parts & labor service warranty from the date of completion. We also honor any extended warranty offered by various manufacturers such as LiteTouch’s limited lifetime warranty, and NEC’s and Integra’s three-year warranty. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. After the one-year warranty, we offer various ongoing maintenance agreements from which you may select. These include; per call, parts only, labor only with preventative maintenance, or full parts & labor with a preventative maintenance schedule. We also offer a scheduled "check-up" just prior to your arriving for the season, in which we ensure that everything is functioning properly.